If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency, please dial 911… if not, then please take the time to review the materials on the pages below or communicate with your Maintenance Committee Rep. 

In SCHA, the residents take on the maintenance required to keep our spaces running safely and efficiently. Maintenance Committee oversees the work done on all seven properties. Committee reps communicate with the committee chair and staff about their maintenance needs and plan accordingly. The committee shares knowledge and encourages everyone to learn maintenance skills; for large and potentially dangerous jobs the committee will coordinate with staff to get a contractor.  Being able to do maintenance is having the ability to be in control of your space, it empowers people to fight ableism and accommodate their needs. It is a form of mutual aid, a form of defense and a form of sustainability. Sharing the knowledge, tools and materials is pivotal to a safe and prospering community.

Committee Chair: SCHA Maintenance Officer 
Email: mo [at] schadavis [dot] org

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