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Check out for internships and other academic opportunities.


RSVP for a volunteer event here:

Our co-ops have acres of land that need a lot of work to be maintained. We have regular work parties at most of our co-ops and we cordially invite you to hang out with us and get your hands dirty. It’s a good opportunity to learn about growing food, pruning trees, drip irrigation, weed control, plant medicine, climate-adapted native plants, carpentry, grey water, food justice and more!

Our “work parties” are volunteer work days open to the public; and members, alumni, friends, community members and prospective applicants are welcome to join! Please email to get added to the ‘SCHA Volunteers’ email list.

We’re happy to host large volunteer events for schools, organizations, Greek life, etc. Please be in touch with us ahead of time if you have a group of 5+,

Volunteers under age 16 cannot participate without an adult present.


Click here to donate online.

Monetary donations by check are always accepted by postal mail. Please list “Solar Community Housing Association” as the payee and mail your donation to our HQ at 7 Baggins End, Davis, CA 95618. Please include your name, address, phone number, and email address. We will post or email you a formal donation receipt for tax purposes.

In-kind donations of landscaping and maintenance equipment, as well as other useful items, may be accepted depending on our members’ needs. Please email for more information.


We’d love to participate in your community events! We can bring our own table and share information about what we do. We can also do short presentations on co-operative housing, if that’s a better format for your event. Please email for more information.


Our co-ops often host events and may be interested in hosting an event with you. Please email if you have an event you would like to propose.