Solar Community Housing Association

7 Baggins End
Davis CA 95616
Corporation #: 0916631
Federal EIN (tax id number): 94-2612564
Registry of Charitable Trusts: 036477
Organizational Clearance Certificate (OCC) No: 11866, filed 12/11/03

Community Houses

2535 Westernesse Road
Davis, CA 95616

J Street
234 J Street
Davis, CA 95616

Cornucopia Corner
233 & 239 J Street
Davis, CA 95616

Campus Communities

Baggins End Domes
7 Baggins End
Davis, CA 95616

Tri Co-operatives
530,540,550 Regan Hall Circle
Davis, CA 95616


Please send inquiries to and your message will be forwarded to the appropriate contact.

General Manager
Jason Sullivan-Halpern

Member Services Manager
Josh Redman

April Kamen

Land Stewardship Coordinator
Kaitlin Oki

Project Manager
Ben Pearl