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Solar Community Housing Association

7 Baggins End Davis CA 95617 Corporation #: 0916631 Federal EIN (tax id number): 94-2612564 Registry of Charitable Trusts: 036477 Organizational Clearance Certificate (OCC) No: 11866, filed 12/11/03

Community Houses

Sunwise 2535 Westernesse Road Davis, CA 95616 (530) 302-5176 J Street 234 J Street Davis, CA 95616 (530) 753-3039 Cornucopia Corner 235 J Street Davis, CA 95616

Campus Houses

Baggins End Domes 7 Baggins End Davis, CA 95616 Tri Co-operatives One Shields Avenue Davis, CA 95616


SCHA Coordinator April Kamen Co-op Housing Assistant Jen Hoover

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  1. Hi Guys,

    You have got to update the Davis wiki page to mention the Community build and January Tentative reopening. There’s a lot of good will on the wiki that could be going toward fixing things up.