Solar Community Housing Association

7 Baggins End
Davis CA 95616
Corporation #: 0916631
Federal EIN (tax id number): 94-2612564
Registry of Charitable Trusts: 036477
Organizational Clearance Certificate (OCC) No: 11866, filed 12/11/03

Community Houses

2535 Westernesse Road
Davis, CA 95616

J Street
234 J Street
Davis, CA 95616

Cornucopia Corner
233 & 239 J Street
Davis, CA 95616

Campus Communities

Baggins End Domes
7 Baggins End
Davis, CA 95616

Tri Co-operatives
530,540,550 Regan Hall Circle
Davis, CA 95616


Please send inquiries to and your message will be forwarded to the appropriate contact.

Executive Director

Member Services Manager
Josh Redman

April Kamen

Land Stewardship Coordinator
Kaitlin Oki

Project Manager
Ben Pearl