Keeping Rent Low:

  1. Co-opers reduce operating costs by acting as their own landlords when they review applicants and do minor maintenance & landscaping.
  2. The Collective of co-ops keeps rent low by getting tax exemptions applicable for low-income housing and non-profits.
  3. Being registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit heps us get grants and donations for projects.

Current Monthly Rates: 

  • $530 average rent for a single room in an off-campus co-op
  • $440 per person at the Tri Co-ops (bedrooms house 1-3 people, depending on the room size)
  • $540 per person to share a dome that houses 2 people

On campus rent is about 50% of average market rate for a bed lease in Davis.
Off campus rent is about 60% of average market rent for a unit lease in Davis.

Shared resources:

  • Community dinners and bulk food buying helps reduce food costs.
  • Ample garden space allows for members to grow produce to supplement food budgets.
  • Furniture, kitchen equipment and tools are typically passed on each year, reducing your move-in costs.

SCHA also offers:

  • Payment Plans – Allows you to spread payments over 2 months or more.
  • Emergency Rent Assistance – SCHA budgets to waive a total of $4K for rent each year for co-opers experiencing temporary extreme financial hardship.
  • First Month’s Rent Assistance – Co-opers can choose to donate their security deposit to support in-coming co-opers with move-in costs.
  • Compensated Workshops & Positions – Co-opers can lead social justice workshops in exchange for compensation (~$100). Board officers are compensated up to $100 per month for organizing committees.
  • Sliding Scale Rent –